How to Delete a Game on the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is an impressive hybrid console with plenty of impressive features; however, one major drawback lies within its limited storage capacity.

The console only comes equipped with 32GB of storage, so if you plan on playing more than just a handful of games it could quickly fill up.

Now you know how to delete games and save data to free up more space for the next one! In this article, we’ll demonstrate this process step-by-step!

How to Delete a Game on the Nintendo Switch

If your Nintendo Switch is running out of space, deleting one game could help free up some storage and allow for more gaming enjoyment without worry over running out.

The Nintendo Switch only comes equipped with 32GB of storage by default, so gamers often run out of space quickly and need to delete games from their library in order to free up space for new releases. Luckily, the console’s user-friendly system makes this easy by enabling players to easily delete, archive, and reinstall games with no adverse impact on saved game data.

To delete a game, press either the plus (+) or minus (-) buttons on a Joy-Con controller or Pro Controller, which will launch a menu where you can select your game and decide how best to delete it.

Once a game has been deleted from your home screen, its icon remains to make redownloading easier in case it ever needs to be reinstated.

Delete Save Data

Delete games and game save data on your Nintendo Switch if your storage space has become limited; with only 32GB available internally, downloading multiple titles quickly depletes it all.

However, this process can be quite perplexing to new users. You might be asking if archiving or deleting games also deletes their save data.

Your Switch allows you to archive or delete game save data without losing progress from that game, instead saving the data to cloud storage so you can access it later if you decide to play again.

Care should be taken when deleting games or their saved data as this could potentially result in losing all your hard work! Failing to do it properly could result in losing progress you have worked so hard on, leading to potentially devastating results for any given game.

Delete a Game from the Home Menu

The Nintendo Switch only provides limited storage space, which can quickly fill up quickly. To free up more room for other games, delete some games from your console to make room.

By deleting games from the home menu, they will be permanently removed from your Switch. Here’s how it works:

Launch the Options menu of the game you wish to delete and select its gear-shaped System Settings button from there.

Navigate to Data Management, then press A.

Within Data Management, select Delete Save Data to delete or save existing data.

This option will erase all saved game data associated with a particular game, although it won’t alter any progress or unlocks. Instead, it will simply remove it from your home screen and take up more space on either internal memory or microSD cards.

Archive Software

Archiving software on Nintendo Switch enables you to free up storage space while still retaining save data, so that when it comes time to play again you can redownload archived games through the eShop and pick up where you left off.

Archiving software can be accomplished by going into System Settings and choosing Data Management. From there, select your game or software for management.

Archiving software not only removes a game from your Switch but also leaves its icon shortcut on your home screen so it’s easy for you to redownload. Archiving is a great way of keeping your Switch clutter-free and manageable.

Archiving software can be especially helpful for players who own numerous smaller-sized games on their Switch console. Archiving can also come in handy when downloading new content without access to extra storage such as microSD cards.